PoshZone® introduces fashion and lifestyle in a brand new way in the world of games

PS! This is a concept description, not a fully developed product.

So far, most fashion games are either mobile or they use stylized graphics with focus on hubs in a fast paced environment. We aim to open up this world, make it more realistic in graphics, as well as in real life. and also create game mechanics which will allow the gamer to expand his or her space within this world. This means that we will, initially, focus on a single player PC-solution. Later, we will concentrate on multi-player plus other platforms. Then, we will go live.

We will concentrate on these main segments: Fashion/interior design and careerbuilding/running a company. The gamer may launch a start-up, manufacture and sell clothes, and may even design his or her own collections. In addition, there will also be a luxury/glamour/lifestyle section, which we reckon will define PoshZone. We are also developing an interior system which allows the gamer to buy and design one’s own shops, apartments and offices.

The game starts with Marisa Borden. She was born in Fairmont, Minnesota – a small town in the heart of the Midwest with a population of just over 10 000. Her childhood was spent far from poverty, but even further away from wealth or opulence. Her childhood memories were rosy but for one thing. Clothes. There was always sufficient, but they were provided her by other people. Almost before she could walk, she had this desire to look good and dress the way she wanted herself. She would dress her dolls, but that would never be enough. She wanted something better not only for herself, but also for her parents and siblings, even people in the street.